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World - Meet Bessie Moo Moo
Little Bessie Moo Moo - aka 'Moo' or 'Moo Moo' is not out just to win hearts - she's out take over! A silly but sweet kitty with occasional behavior issues that are required to dominate a household.

Very energetic & playful, she is always ready to pounce without notice for any appropriate (or inappropriate) occasion.

She is 2 years old, and I got her from the GoCatsGo cat rescue on Easter of 2014 - almost exactly one year ago.

Beyond cat nip and chasing the laser, she has an unsatisfiable curiosity, and also loves to chase milk jug rings hanging from the dental floss string at the end of a two foot rod.  It's great - it's like fishing for cats!

Baby Moo has a very sweet side as well.  Whenever she hears you talking (especially on the phone) she loves to jump in your lap.  She likes to be a lap cat when time permits between her busy schedule of lounging around from place to place.


Everyone welcome little Moo to the forum!


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