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Make A Home Made Cat Tent In 5 Minutes
I found this really cool idea on how to make a cat tent on The Humane Society of The United States website at the following link:

The supplies:
2 wire hangers
1 twist tie
1 piece of cardboard (I used an empty Ramen Noodle Case box)
Here is a picture of the one shown with the author:
[Image: aa-marapr15-yp-tent-collage-480x300.jpg]

Unfortunately, mine looks a bit low jack compared to the very elegant one above:

When I first started to build it, my cat Bessie Moo Moo seemed very very interested, but after it was built - not so much.  Leah, my other cat seemed interested and inspected it etc, but has yet to try it out.  Anyway, it only took 5 minutes to build & I'm interested to see the results and will plan to update this post after a little time has passed to see if the cats have adapted to it or not.

Please visit the HSUS website link above to learn more about the cat tent, as well as their organization.

Kind regards,

Ok - Great News!

I caught baby Bessie Moo Moo hiding in the home made cat tent!

So far this is the first time I've seen either of my cats in it, but there is hope that they may become regulars.

Here's a cute picture of little Moo in it.

Kind Regards,

Here's what life inside the new cat tent looks like - fresh off the press / taken today!



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