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Legal Complaince, Disclaimers, And Policy Documents
- Compliance Links -
Nobody likes legal mumbo jumbo, but it's just part of running a responsible online forum. In care of maintaining as legally compliant of a community as possible, members must agree to to the conditions and terms of the following documents. Use of this forum establishes your consent and agreement with all documents linked to from this page. If you do not wish to agree to these policies and practices, it's unfortunately required that you cancel your account, and do not have permission from to participate in this community.  We value our members greatly, and in interest of transparency we provide access to the important documents below for your benefit.

Terms And Conditions:
Privacy Policy:
Copyright Policy:
Anti-Spam Policy:
Earnings Disclaimer:
Health Disclaimer (People & Animals):

Kindest regards & thank you for your interest in the community. staff


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