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Gentle Chadeepa
Sweet Chadeepa was a gentle dog that resembled a giant teddy bear, with a sweet, friendly personality.

She as deaf, but enjoyed spending time laying in the grass on frequent occasions, or on the living room floor when inside.  She got along with everyone - human & animal alike and had a big loving heart.

Poor Chadeepa was becoming unhealthy in old age, and finally had problems balancing and standing up.  Yesterday Chadeepa fell over & hurt her self, and couldn't get back up & could no longer balance even with help from her Guardian Noreen.

Today, October 8th, 2016, Chadeepa went quickly when put to sleep as she was very weak and barely holding on.

I believe Chadeepa is in heaven now and is finally in peace.

God Bless you sweet Chadeepa - I love you & will miss you.




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