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Gentle Baby Leah
Gentle & sweet baby Leah.
Date of Birth: 2003 or 2004(?)
Date of Death: April 3, 2017 around 11:15am

Leah was my adopted cat daughter, originally under my Mom's care.  My Mom rescued Leah as a stray in her backyard in the Summer of 2005 I'm pretty sure.  We never knew where Leah came from, but she appeared to be a house cat that someone had likely abandoned.

She had significant health issues when she was rescued by my Mom, and it was diagnosed as a severe case of Asthma.  She received Medications, that certainly extended her life, but at the slow cost of her kidneys which slowly deteriorate as a side effect of the medication she received for asthma.

In 2016 she had 2 severe Urinary Tract Infections, which added to the kidney damage.  What made the UTI infections especially sad is that I didn't detect she had one until serious weight loss.  She may have had the infection for months of pain before I took her in for examination.  The second UTI happened nearly right after recovering from the first one.  She likely had it for close to 2 months before I brought her in to the vet from further weight loss and not moving almost at all.  She was diagnosed with the 2nd UTI at that time.

By now she had gone from significantly overweight to dangerously underweight, and blood testing diagnosed kidney function below 30%.  A terminal condition that only takes a matter of time to eventually end life.

I did all I could for Leah for as long as I could, but she started showing final stage symptoms and today was the painful day that my Mom & I took her in.

She was just over 5 lbs, and frail.  She passed away nearly immediately, even before the Veterinarian could get the stethoscope to listen for a heartbeat.

I will always love my gentle baby Leah, and will always have a place deep in my heart.

God Bless you Leah - Go with Jesus in Heaven.  I love you.

Your adopted Dad,




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