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All Main Plugins Installed!
Here it is another late 2:10am night... Ready for bed.

Now I can sleep restfully though, since I have installed all of the primary components of this forum after working on it for two days.

Tomorrow I will have some configuration that will likely take a couple of hours, then I can focus on the community more and less on the installation, design & configuration.

Anyway, a lot of progress for a short period of time. Ahhh...


As time would have it, I've spent another day doing additional upgrades such as adding social bookmarking capabilities, profile avatar abilities, and profile field information upgrades. I've made a few backups along the way, and completed the preliminary configurations. I made my final backup for the night, and am a little sleepy and ready to go to bed a little earlier than my after 2am schedule last night hopefully.

When it's a labor of love it doesn't seem like work - just wish there were more hours in the day sometimes though :-)

Please share this site with any of the social media sites you belong to by simply clicking on the 'Bookmarks' icons above, or simply by logging in - would greatly appreciate your support!

Kind regards to all animal lovers!



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