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Carmel - The Kitten I Accidentally Hit On The Road - Pet1 - 08-21-2016

Carmel was a sweet loving kitten that I accidentally hit when driving back to Fort Wayne, Indiana from Celina, OH on HWY 124 about 35 or 40 miles away from home on Thursday August 18th, 2016 around 8:45pm.

The poor kitty darted out right in front of my truck from the edge of the field.  I didn't see her until the moment she ran out in front of my truck.  I tried as well as I could with the very limited response time to try to not drive over her, but to try to steer in such a way she was between the wheels.  Immediately after going over her I saw her lying on the road.  I got out and she was a beautiful calico kitten about 3 months old I estimate, with carmel, white, off-white, and grey colors. Surprisingly she was still alive, and appeared to be in pain and shaken up.  I thought something hit her face because her eyes looked blind. I wrapped her in my shirt, and brought her back into my truck and drove back to Fort Wayne to get her medical attention at the emergency 24 hour vet.

During the remaining 45 or so minute drive home, her condition seemed to improve, and she was walking around on me while I was trying to keep her still.  She kept improving and meowed a great portion of the way to the vet.

Once I arrived at the vet, I noticed her eyes looked really bad & cloudy.  The vet examined her, and didn't think there were major health problems resulting from the wreck - she must have not been driven over by the wheels of my truck I'm guessing.  However, she advised that the cat had a fever - probably from hitting the oil pan or a bar under my car I'm guessing.  She said that the big issue though was that the cat had Injunctivitus (herpes), which had caused her eye problems.  She appeared completely blind in her left eye, and probably 50% to 75% loss of sight in her right eye.

Due to having 4 cats where I live, I would not be able to bring Carmel as I named her home since I didn't have anywhere to keep her where she could be kept away from the other cats to avoid spreading disease.  So I had to do the unthinkable - I had to surrender her to Animal Care & Control, which would possibly euthanize her.  There was simply nothing I could do since the home I live in is not my own, and also since there was nowhere to keep her that was away from the other cats.

I know the vet facility had good intentions, but I felt they had painted an overly rosy picture about the optimistic chances of Carmel not being euthanized.

The next day, Friday, August 19th, 2016, I received a call from a friend who offered to take Carmel until I could get an improved living arrangement which would accommodate her.  I was elated.  I immediately around 2:15pm called Animal Care & Control right away to ensure Carmel was safe.  When I called they advised she had already been euthanized, and my heart was immediately broken.

She was basically immediately euthanized with no delay to see if her condition was manageable.  Sometimes there is no second chance even when making decisions in the midst of chaos. The pain made me hysterical for awhile & I feel the deepest sadness about loosing her.

Yesterday I had a lot going on helping a local animal rescue, and had my Brother visit from Indianapolis, so I didn't write this post then.  Yesterday I felt I could finally write about it, but the day was beyond busy & draining in so many ways.  Today I finally had the time to write this memorial the way I felt it needed to be done.

Another sadness is that my phone was too low on power to the point it would not allow me to take a picture of Carmel.  Clearly the largest loss was Carmel's life in the middle of confusion, limitations & chaos though.

I hope baby Carmel forgives me for letting her get put to sleep needlessly as I really loved the kitty and never wanted her to be put down.  She was so friendly, scared, and wanted a home - one I wish I could have provided her on Thursday night.

I pray God will let me get to know baby Carmel in the future when I pass away.  I feel a deep sadness over the situation, although it is consoling to know she didn't slowly die as a result of being unable to hunt from being blind - that would have been a painful and slow suffering end to her life here on Earth.

God Bless you baby Carmel always, love your temporary human dad who will feel permanent pain, loss and sadness about you for the rest of my life.

I love you kitten,