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Sweatheart Anika - Pet1 - 07-28-2016

Anika was such a sweet sweet, but sick kitty & friend.

Baby Anika had ongoing sicknesses as did her sweet sister Aubry.

Eventually the progression of her illnesses matured and expanded to the point that poor Anika deteriorated to a frail kitty that loved people, but was slowly dying.

As heartbreaking as it was to hear she was so weak that she went within a very short time when the euthanization was performed.

I will never forget Anika and still see her sweet face when I look at my phone since her friendly face is my screensaver.

Truly one of the friendliest kitties I've had the blessing to know, who had a lot to say with a friendly voice.

Go rest with your sister Aubrey & Jesus baby Anika. I love you both.

Uncle Randy

Both Sisters: Aubrey & Anika