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My Little Friend Legs - Pet1 - 07-28-2016

Legs was a sweet kitty that I wish I had known better as he was afraid of people.

On the rare occasions he would come to investigate me you could tell he had a big heart, although a frightened one, who likely had a hard life before being adopted at the animal rescue.

Legs had a limp from an injury earlier in life, which resulted in a permanent limp, so he probably didn't feel very good walking a lot.

Needless to say, my little friend Legs was camera shy, and to my sadness I was never able to get a picture of him, although was a smokey brown kitty I can see him in my mind even now.

Poor Legs eventually developed a terminal tooth and toe condition, and was put down to avoid further ongoing suffering.

God Bless Legs, who knew few people, but had a loving heart. Rest in the love of God my little friend,

Your Uncle Randy